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Sound Foundations and Reach to Teach Course Modules

Module Overview

Sound Foundations

Learning about children across the 0-6 age range; how to manage their care, learning and development routines which occur throughout a kindergarten day.

SFCH Module 1

Care Routines

Background information and underpinning knowledge helping teachers to develop a deep understanding of the principles of child development and how to apply this to teaching young children.

SFCH Module 2

Child Development

Children learn at different rates and in this module we aim to provide you with an outline of what you might expect children to be able to do at the different stages of their development.

SFCH Module 3

How Children Learn

Providing a detailed explanation of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and how this is demonstrated through planning and age appropriate teaching strategies.

SFCH Module 4

Understanding the EYFS

Outlining role and responsibilities of a child’s nominated main carer within the setting and the importance of sharing their progress with other teachers and the child’s parents.

SFCH Module 5

Key Person Approach

How and where teachers and other practitioners are positioned within the kindergarten throughout the day, how staff absences and holidays are managed and how other adults, such as life teachers, are integrated into the setting.

SFCH Module 6

Staff Deployment

This is a complex subject area and covers many elements which largely rely on strong underlying policies and practices to ensure that children are kept safe and well at all times.

SFCH Module 7

Health and Safety

Exploring key areas relating to protecting children from serious harm and abuse perpetrated by others.

SFCH Module 8


Demonstrating how teachers ensure child has the chance to succeed in their educational journey by providing opportunities to learn and develop in a way that meets their own, individual needs regardless of their ability or family background.

SFCH Module 9

Equality and Diversity

How to apply positive behaviour management skills which helps children to resolve conflict and encourages them to focus on learning with enjoyment.

SFCH Module 10

Promoting Positive Behaviour

The importance of teacher relationships with parents; how to build and strengthen these so that they can support children’s learning at home.

SFCH Module 11

Parent Partnership

Exploring the concept of reflective practice by providing guidance in how to make the most of reflections and offering strategies for continually improving practice.

SFCH Module 12

Reflective Practice

Module Overview

Reach to Teach

Teaching and learning for children aged between 3 and 6 years; looking at key aspects of curriculum implementation and preparation for school.

RTT Module 1

A Curriculum for 3-6

How to create the best possible learning environment to support children’s progress and development.

RTT Module 2

Enabling Environments 3-6

Exploring the important links between observation, assessment and planning.

RTT Module 3

Observing, Assessment & Planning 3-6

Day to day life in nursery or kindergarten; the importance of good organization, transitions and routines which supports the quality of teaching and learning.

RTT Module 4

A Nursery Day 3-6

Understanding the concept and implications of providing integrated care and education for children below three years of age.

RTT Module 5

A Curriculum for 0-3

Focusing on an environment for children below three years of age to ensure teachers understand how to provide age appropriate resources and activities.

RTT Module 6

Enabling Environments 0-3

Strategies for observing children under the age of 3 years; how to use the observations to support activity planning and to inform assessment.

RTT Module 7

Observing, Assessment & Planning 0-3

Following a typical day for babies and toddlers; Integrating care routines whilst maximising learning and development opportunities using positive interactions.

RTT Module 8

A Nursery Day 0-3

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