Face to Face Training


We are able to create a bespoke training schedule to suit the needs of the organisation. Nurseries and Kindergartens can apply for in-house or training centre based training delivered directly or created as a blended learning programme. This option includes a combination of online training and interactive webinars

How It Works

Our face to face training will enhance the knowledge and skills of those attending, supporting quality improvement in the setting.


  • Each workshop is a combination of tutor input and interactive tasks and activities with opportunities for participants to ask questions throughout.
  • Tutors support and guide participants throughout to ensure understanding of the key concepts and practices.
  • Participants have an opportunity to indicate their own key learning points at the end of each session and to request further information or explanations where required.
  • Content presentation and delivery styles may vary according to the tutor but the basic format remains the same.

Workshops consist of:

  • Tutor input
  • Small group work
  • Looking at the environment
  • Observations
  • Role play
  • Child development
  • Extending learning
  • Creativity
  • Timetables
  • Hygiene
  • Constructive play
  • Theory into practice
  • Consolidation and reflection
  • Homework

Example Workshop

Tutor Led

The experienced tutor will lead the class and cover key topics to develop EYFS and Sound Foundations knowledge and skills.


Learners will introduce themselves to the group and explain what they hope to learn from the training.

Group Activities

Learners will work in groups to discuss and evaluate different topics and activities, sharing knowledge with each other.

Areas of EYFS

The learners looked the the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and what they mean.

Small Group Work

Groups evaluated the learning environments and suggested ways to enhance these.

Visual Timetables

Demonstrates how children transition through the day – parents, teachers and visitors can see what takes place within the daily routine.

How to Extend Learning

Learners will discuss how to extend learning within a variety of activities.

Water Play

Understanding the benefits of water play with young children.

Creativity from Within

Exploring creative activity ideas which could be used with the children.


The group will look at room environments and discuss how they can be enhanced to promote learning and development. 


Observing a child at play and recording their development.

Role Play

Watching how a child shows their knowledge of the world and learning how to interact during their play.

Enhanced Environments

How can teachers improve the environments after their training and what resources can they add?

Child Development

What are the learning opportunities during play.

Self Reflection

At the end all learners added their self reflection comments to the board.

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